Our musical interactions enable Mentees to learn about music in different ways, engaging their brains into a complete musical exercise. By learning from early music education and neurologic music therapy methods, we employ physical and digital interactions to deliver our musical syllabus.


Actively sing and play music with the help of visual guides to improve progress.


Respond with your instrument to create different musical patterns


Listen and respond to musical questions in different ways


Get active by following the range of music tempos and moving to them
Lessons and Modules
Adapting educational and therapeutic methods into interactive music lessons, our syllabus is structured into modules providing specific contents. Each session reinforces certain skills such as perception of time, musical gesturing, and differentiation of sound, while introducing music concepts such as :





Progression and Complexity
As Mentees progress in their exercises, the complexity will adapt to them, helping them improve their skills through more difficult activities.
Music progresses from simple notes by instruments to complete and complex songs
Visual, rhythmic, and interactional instructions are provided as needed, from highly visible to optional or restricted
Musical features such as tempo, range of pitch, and time signatures expand and variate
Gamified Education
For a more effective learning experience, we have gamified our lessons plans. Every session feels like a game, and a story to follow.
Personalized avatar that accompanies you through your learning
Quick and fun dynamics focused on rhythm, melodies, and more
Collect and spend Mila points for your performance for prizes and bonuses
Real time scoring of activities ensure for an fun and engaging experience