How It Works

We gamify neurologic music therapy in an application that streamlines the delivery of effective methods. A daily engagement in music for better and more lasting results.
Neuro-musical Games

Our interactive musical sessions are created by adapting highly effective neurologic methods and interventions, created from the scientific research conducted by leading neurologists and mental health professionals. Designed for musical therapy by re-education, our musical games and lessons engage auditory, visual, and motor functions for improved learning and emotional growth.

Supporting Therapists
A Mentor interface enables the assessment of performance and progress. It allows to follow up on their lessons, assess their performance, and tune in their development plans to ensure that Mentees benefit from new musical abilities at the right pace. Its usage complements the benefits of therapeutic interventions by enabling patients a daily engagement in beneficial activities.
Bringing in Parents

Lessons and games are to be played together or with parents supervision, it helps them connect in a fun and effective way for everyone. No formal music training or experience is needed to help children learn!


Personalization is at the core of our technology, adapting the learning experience to individual musical preferences, mood, and progress.

Real-Time Accuracy

Quick and fun exercises of increasing complexity use real real time scoring methods to create a fun and engaging experience

Adaptive learning

Development plans are updated as Mentees learn and progress. Each lesson adapts to their favorite music, mood, or their favorite way to enjoy music.